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Luke is a full time photographer and creative based in Auckland, New Zealand.

With 3 years' of freelance photography experience, Luke has come a long way in short period of time. With clients that span across many areas locally and internationally, his work has begun to be recognised among the industry. 

Luke has worked with many brands and companies, receiving recognition for his work and style that can adapt to many areas of photography. His business focuses mainly on corporate and commercial photography, that includes editorials and campaigns, PR events/functions and headshots. 

Having a background in Graphic Design and New Zealand's street culture/fashion has given Luke a contemporary take on what it is to be a photographer and creative in this modern day. 

Instagram @lukefmphotography

Photo by Annupam 

Photo by Annupam 



Luke Foley-Martin
Auckland, New Zealand
+64 210 817 0077

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